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People warned me before I left for Australia, “the flight is long” they said, or “you better upgrade to business class,” and “you DO NOT want to fly economy.” I don’t know what kind of flights these people have been on, but I found my international Qantas flight from LAX to Melbourne, Tullamarine delightful. After …

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Eureka Tower – From the Inside

On our way from the airport, we called ahead and let the representative from the corporate housing company know we were on our way. We met the agent outside the building and he ushered us into a spartan lobby with a 24 hour concierge and three elevator banks. As luck would have it, our place …

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Eureka Tower – From the Outside

Shortly before my trip, I received confirmation of my housing arrangements which included my new address. A quick Google search revealed that the address was located in a building called “Eureka Tower.” Further Google research revealed that Eureka Tower, completed in 2006, is the tallest building in Melbourne and at 975 feet high, also one …

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