How to Spend a Weekend in Tasmania – Saturday

Sex and Drugs

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - Welcome to Tasmania! This sign in the Hobart airport was an ad for the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). I still don't get it.


Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - Saturday at the Salamanca Market.


Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - Antiques at the Salamanca Market.

Salamanca Market

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - A view of the market and surrounding buildings at the Salamanca Market.

Salamanca Fruit

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - A fruit vendor at the Salamanca Market.


Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - The MONA Roma ferry to the Museum of Old and New Art.

MONA Roma Ferry

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - Not only is there art in the museum, there is art on the boat!

Approaching the MONA

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - A view of the approach to the MONA.

MONA Roma Foredeck

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - MONA Roma Foredeck.


Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - A view of the camouflaged MONA Roma from the MONA.


Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - A view of the MONA with the bay in the background.

Guinea Fowl

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia - Helmeted guinea fowl on the grounds of the MONA.


Hobart | Salamanca Market | The MONA | Prossers on the Beach

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia – If you have the time and resources to spend more than a weekend in Tasmania, DO IT! There are tons of things to do, especially if you enjoy hiking and exploring nature. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I only had one weekend to spend in Tasmania. If you find yourself in the same position, here’s how to make the most of your time in Tassie!

Go to Hobart. All of the Australian discount airlines fly there and flights are relatively cheap. Not only is Hobart the capital of Tasmania, but the city is also home to about half the population of Tassie. I’m sure Launceston is nice, but Hobart is bigger and there are more things to do.

The Salamanca Market – The Salamanca Market on Saturday morning is a must. The market is held on Salamanca Place, an iconic street through the heart of Hobart that is lined beautiful sandstone buildings. A wide array of vendors, from wine and whiskey to antique, jewelry, gift and produce vendors line Salamanca Place every Saturday. There are also several food vendors to to keep you full while cruising the market, and many vendors sell goods that are only available in Tasmania.

The MONA – The Museum of Old and New Art is also something you just have to do. Is it weird? Yes. Will it make you feel uncomfortable? Probably. But this one-of-a-kind museum has many wild and unique exhibits, and the price of admission is worth it to see the evil-genius-lair architecture alone. I recommend taking the ferry. The architecture of the MONA is best appreciated on approach from the water, you can buy snacks/beer/wine/champagne on the ferry and the ferry has a few pieces of “art” itself. All this makes for an interesting little boat ride. There is also a vineyard attached to the MONA that gives regular tours–not a bad way to end a trip to the MONA.

Prossers on the Beach – On Saturday evening, you should definitely hit the town after a nice dinner at Prossers on the Beach. There are a few lively late night bars along Salamanca Place that are a good time. Remember, if you’re going to teach your bartender how to make your favorite drink, there are 29.57 mL per ounce.

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