How to Spend a Weekend in Tasmania – Sunday


Machine Laundry Cafe | Mount Field National Park | Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary | Mount Wellington

Just behind Salamanca Place is the quaint Salamanca Square, where you’ll find the Machine Laundry Cafe. Why is it called the Machine Laundry Cafe? Because there are laundry machines inside the restaurant of course. This cafe came highly recommended to me by a Hobart native and the food and coffee did not disappoint.

Mount Field National Park – After breakfast, head to Mount Field National Park, about an hour’s drive from Salamanca Square. Here you’ll find prehistoric wilderness, hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls. If you want to see the most in the shortest period of time, park at the visitor center and do the short hike to the incredible, multi-tiered Russell Falls. If time permits, continue along the trail to reach the top of Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls beyond that. The trail continues on to the Tall Trees Walk, along which you’ll find massive swamp gum trees. The entire hike from the visitor center to the Tall Trees Walk and back will take you approximately one hour. Yes, there’s a lot more to see at Mount Field, but if you have limited time, Russell Falls is the highlight and the other points of interest along the trail are an added bonus.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary – From Mount Field National Park, drive east to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to a variety of indigenous Australian animals, and the keepers host daily tours during which they coax out of hiding some of the more nocturnal animals that you might otherwise sleep through your visit. A few of the highlights of the tour include getting to pat a wombat and koala and watch the keepers feed the feisty Tasmanian devils. Kangaroo feed is also included in the price of the tour ticket, and this is something not to be missed. The kangaroo enclosure behind the sanctuary is a large fenced in field with every size kangaroo possible–from joeys still in the pouch to frighteningly massive adult males. Signs posted outside the enclosure warned that while kangaroos don’t like to be hugged, they do appreciate a good scratch on the chest where their own arms can’t reach. Messing around with the kangaroos was quite entertaining and was definitely my favorite part of Bonorong and the entire weekend in Tasmania, for that matter.

Mount Wellington – If you still have time before your flight, drive from Bonorong to the top of Mount Wellington. Mount Wellington overlooks the city of Hobart and offers spectacular views–if you’re lucky. When I went there in July, the top of the mountain was bitter cold and clouds obstructed the view. I did however, catch a few glimpses of the view of Hobart on the way down the mountain. Either way, the drive up takes you through a variety of interesting natural habitats.

With that, your weekend in Tassie will have come to a close. As I mentioned in part one of this post, How to Spend a Weekend in Tasmania – Saturday, if you have more time to explore the island, you definitely should. But with only 48 hours to spend in Tassie, you’d be hard-pressed to create a better itinerary than this!